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The Teachings Of Atlantis – Secrets of the Cosmos

No other story has captured the fascination and curiosity of spiritual seekers throughout history as profoundly as the story of Atlantis. There is something very real about this story, an ancient echo that reverberates deep within our souls, compelling us to explore its mysterious depths further. What distinguishes the account of Atlantis isn’t just its enchanting allure; it’s a direct recollection, an integral part of our very essence, rooted in a past life we once experienced during those revered days—an impactful memory eternally etched into our psyche.

In this narrative, you will discover the authentic history of the cosmos through the annals of the Emerald Founders and grasp how this history was distorted on Earth by the fallen races, concealed from humanity. Follow the sequence of events that unfolded through the ages in the relentless struggle over human DNA, leading to the ultimate betrayal culminating in the fall of Atlantis.

‘The Teachings Of Atlantis – Secrets of the Cosmos’ invites you on a captivating exploration of the sacred sciences of ancient Atlantis. Explore the astonishing advanced technologies wielded by this illustrious civilization and step into the enigmatic ancient mystery schools protected by the Melchizedeks and the Essenes, the Angelic Guardian Priests of sacred knowledge in Atlantis.

Experience the magnificence of Atlantis, where its mastery of crystal power stands as evidence of advanced understanding. In this narrative, discover a realm where mysticism and science harmoniously converged, a place where you could traverse through a Stargate and journey to another star system. Atlantis was a magical yet tangible world where divine beings walked among humanity on Earth.

As a new era of light dawns, ‘The Teachings Of Atlantis – Secrets of the Cosmos’ serves as an illuminating guidepost, reigniting the flames of ancestral memory and preparing humanity for their profound evolution of consciousness.


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