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Introducing Our Newest Book Release!

The Divine Human Being

A Supernatural Creation

Unlock the secrets of your extraordinary potential in this amazing new book, “The Divine Human Being – A Supernatural Creation.” This book takes you on an exciting exploration to the heart of what it means to be human, highlighting the sophisticated divine abilities and qualities embedded within us that define our true essence.

Within each of us lies an advanced celestial blueprint and encoding, more intricate and potent than we could ever envision, crafted by the universal architects. This master design is intended to unlock our supernatural abilities and guide us towards realizing our limitless potential. “The Divine Human Being – A Supernatural Creation” illuminates the concealed powers within, providing a new lens through which to view our capacity to surpass what we consider possible.

Through captivating insights and grounded wisdom, this book leads readers on a path to awakening their most remarkable capabilities. It shows how engaging with intuitive practices not only deepens our connection to the cosmos but also activates the dormant elements of our DNA, creating a bridge between our human experience and our divine origins.

“The Divine Human Being – A Supernatural Creation” is not merely a book; it’s a transformative experience that calls upon you to explore the breadth of your divine power and embrace life with unparalleled fullness.

Explore this realm with us where the bounds between the supernatural and the natural blur, where your divine potential eagerly awaits your command.

The goal of this book is to demonstrate that you are incredibly special and significant, regardless of what you’ve been told or think. You are a divine human being, a supernatural creation, and once you come to the realization of your true essence, life will unveil its full splendor to you for the very first time!

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1. Creation of the Divine Human Being: The Origin and Blueprint

Chapter 2. Quantum Human Systems: Natural Intelligence and Awareness

Chapter 3. Mystical Experiences and Dimensional Exploration

Chapter 4. Healing, Regeneration, and the Body’s Innate Abilities

Chapter 5. Harnessing Energy and Manifesting Reality

Chapter 6. The Self-Programming Human: Genetic and Biological Influence

Chapter 7. Emotions: The Vibrational Language of the Soul

Chapter 8. Creativity: The Divine Spark of Human Expression

Chapter 9. Sexuality and Reproduction: The Sacred Dance of Life Creation

Chapter 10. Human Ascension: The Return to Perfection

Paperback and Ebook Coming Soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The True Story Of Humanity

Ancient Secrets Unveiled

Discover the wonders within “The True Story of Humanity: Ancient Secrets Unveiled,” a captivating journey into the depths of human history and potential. This book invites you to explore the extraordinary mysteries of our past and present, offering an alternative narrative that sheds light on what truly happened in Earth’s past.

Humanity’s journey has been rich with deception and misconceptions, often obscuring the true nature of our origins and potential. However, this book presents a compelling case supported by evidence from various angles, offering a fresh perspective on our history and the forces that have shaped our world.

Within these pages, you’ll uncover hidden chapters of human history, from the true origins of our species to the ancient civilizations that once thrived on Earth. You’ll delve into the mysteries of our cosmic ancestry, exploring the question of where we truly come from and what events shaped our evolution.

As you explore these revelations, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the profound forces that have influenced humanity’s journey, from ancient cataclysms that shaped our planet to the enigmatic encounters with extraterrestrial beings that have left their mark on our history. You’ll also ponder the ultimate question of where humanity is headed, contemplating the future of our species and our place in the cosmos.

“The True Story of Humanity: Ancient Secrets Unveiled” is more than just a book; it’s a transformative experience that challenges your perceptions and expands your consciousness. It’s a call to awaken the divine spark within you, to embrace your true essence, and unlock the limitless potential that lies dormant within.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where myth and reality merge, and the story of humanity is revealed in all its glory. This book is a testament to your uniqueness and significance, reminding you that you are a divine being, a part of a cosmic tapestry that spans the stars.

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1: In the Beginning – Paradise Earth

Chapter 2: Advanced Civilizations of Earth’s Past

Chapter 3: Ancient Cosmic Encounters: First Contact

Chapter 4: The Legacy of the Star Travelers

Chapter 5: The Divine Scripts: The Ancient Records

Chapter 6: Earth Cataclysms: The Trembling

Chapter 7: Earth is Hijacked: The Alien Incursion

Chapter 8: Genesis: The Birth of Homo Sapiens

Chapter 9: The Great Illusion: Piercing the Veil

Chapter 10: Cosmic Machinations: Alien Agenda

Chapter 11: The Great Awakening: The New Earth

Chapter 12: Humanity’s Future in the Stars

Paperback and Ebook Coming Soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The Teachings of Atlantis

Secrets of the Cosmos

No other story has captured the fascination and curiosity of spiritual seekers throughout history as profoundly as the story of Atlantis. There is something very real about this story, an ancient echo that reverberates deep within our souls, compelling us to explore its mysterious depths further. What distinguishes the account of Atlantis isn’t just its enchanting allure; it’s a direct recollection, an integral part of our very essence, rooted in a past life we once experienced during those revered days—an impactful memory eternally etched into our psyche.

In this narrative, you will discover the authentic history of the cosmos through the annals of the Emerald Founders and grasp how this history was distorted on Earth by the fallen races, concealed from humanity. Follow the sequence of events that unfolded through the ages in the relentless struggle over human DNA, leading to the ultimate betrayal culminating in the fall of Atlantis.

‘The Teachings Of Atlantis – Secrets of the Cosmos’ invites you on a captivating exploration of the sacred sciences of ancient Atlantis. Explore the astonishing advanced technologies wielded by this illustrious civilization and step into the enigmatic ancient mystery schools protected by the Melchizedeks and the Essenes, the Angelic Guardian Priests of sacred knowledge in Atlantis.

Experience the magnificence of Atlantis, where its mastery of crystal power stands as evidence of advanced understanding. In this narrative, discover a realm where mysticism and science harmoniously converged, a place where you could traverse through a Stargate and journey to another star system. Atlantis was a magical yet tangible world where divine beings walked among humanity on Earth.

As a new era of light dawns, ‘The Teachings Of Atlantis – Secrets of the Cosmos’ serves as an illuminating guidepost, reigniting the flames of ancestral memory and preparing humanity for their profound evolution of consciousness.

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1: Atlantis Emerges
The Emerald Library

Chapter 2: Secrets of Atlantis
The Sacred Sciences

Chapter 3: Atlantean Master Crystals
Harnessing Divine Power

Chapter 4: The Battle for Earth Light vs. Darkness

Chapter 5: The Guardian Knights Defenders of Humanity

Chapter 6: The Mystery Schools Portals to Wisdom

Chapter 7: Whispers of Betrayal
The Fall from Grace

Chapter 8: The Atlantean Cataclysm
Memories Carved in Time

Chapter 9: Khem’s Legacy
The Children of Atlantis

Chapter 10: The Rise of Atlantis
A New Age of Light

Paperback and Ebook Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The Journey to Earth

A Majestic Mission

“The Journey to Earth: A Majestic Mission” is the incredible story of your sacred mission to Earth from the stars, a timeless, transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. It is a story of bravery, overcoming obstacles, and the revelation of your true glory. It is the greatest story ever told; the story of YOU.

“The Journey to Earth: A Majestic Mission” celebrates your elite nature as a being of light, hailing from the highest celestial levels, destined to embark on this noble mission to save Earth. It is a story of profound importance, where the impact of your mission extends far beyond Earth, affecting the entire universe.

This book invites you to recognize the profound importance of your role, embrace the inherent wisdom and ability within you, and navigate the earthly realm with courage, love, and unwavering determination.

This amazing story of your greatness ignites the flame of remembrance, guiding you to embrace the fullness of your divine essence.

As the twilight of your grand mission draws near, the insights in this book will equip you with the wisdom, tools, and guidance necessary to navigate the grand journey home!

Book Chapters:

Chapter 1: Lyra Genesis
Chapter 2: A Signal From Earth
Chapter 3: The Divine Call
Chapter 4: The Mission
Chapter 5: The Celestial Voyage
Chapter 6: The Arrival
Chapter 7: Mission Cycles
Chapter 8: Battlefield Earth
Chapter 9: Operation Awakening
Chapter 10: Mission Endgame
Chapter 11: The Return Home

Paperback and Ebook Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The Grand Solar Flash

The Event of a Lifetime

It is truly the most exciting time to live on planet Earth as the most amazing event in human history is about to take place. A major solar event occurs every 13,000 years on Earth, and the planet is now eleven years into the latest cycle, which began in 2012. In this book, you will uncover the scientific cause behind this cyclic solar event and acquire a clear picture of what transpired five times in Earth’s prehistory during the occurrence of The Grand Solar Flash. Moreover, you will discover astounding insights into its implications for the future. Earth’s ancient cultures placed a high priority on observing and tracking this celestial event. As a result, they left behind historical records about The Grand Solar Flash and made precise predictions of its return in humanity’s future. This magnificent event could occur at any moment. When it does, the flash of exotic gamma light released has the ability to activate the fifth primary strand of human DNA, triggering a major evolution of consciousness, complete planetary liberation, and the ascension to the fifth-dimensional new Earth.

Topics discussed in this book...

Chapter 1: Unveiling The Grand Solar Flash

Chapter 2: Ancient Civilizations & Extinctions

Chapter 3: Ancient Accounts & Prophecies

Chapter 4: Earth’s Disaster Cycle: Research and Data

Chapter 5: A Wandering Solar System

Chapter 6: An Imminent Present Situation

Chapter 7: Averting Solar Cataclysm

Chapter 8: Experiencing The Grand Solar Flash

Chapter 9: The Effects on Human Life

Chapter 10: The Impact on Technology

Chapter 11: Planetary DNA Upgrade and Ascension

Chapter 12: Preparing for The Grand Solar Flash

Paperback and Ebook Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Pleiadian Master Teachings

Concepts From the Realms of Light

Down through the ages, the Pleiadians have been guiding the evolution of humanity by bringing higher knowledge to planet Earth.
These grand beings are master teachers of advanced spirituality and metaphysics, and their teachings are encoded in a special way to trigger dormant DNA strands and expand consciousness levels.
The Pleiadians teach that light is information and darkness is the lack of information. This book is filled with pure light, and as one takes this light in, their eyes will open to many new possibilities and realities.
The Pleiadians know that a solid foundational understanding of universal concepts is first required to achieve spiritual and scientific mastery. The Pleiadian Master Teachings book describes how the universe works in an easy-to-understand way and is also the perfect operator’s manual for living life to the fullest.
This book contains many profound and eye-opening insights that serve as practical guidance for ultimate self-realization.

Topics discussed in this book...

Chapter 1: Consciousness
Chapter 2: Vibration
Chapter 3: Light
Chapter 4: Sound
Chapter 5: Time
Chapter 6: Space
Chapter 7: Dimensions
Chapter 8: DNA
Chapter 9: Chakras
Chapter 10: Ascension
Chapter 11: Sovereignty
Chapter 12: Manifesting

Paperback and Ebook Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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