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Pleiadian Master Teachings – Concepts from the Realms of Light

Down through the ages, the Pleiadians have been guiding the evolution of humanity by bringing higher knowledge to planet Earth.
These grand beings are master teachers of advanced spirituality and metaphysics, and their teachings are encoded in a special way to trigger dormant DNA strands and expand consciousness levels.
The Pleiadians teach that light is information and darkness is the lack of information. This book is filled with pure light, and as one takes this light in, their eyes will open to many new possibilities and realities.
The Pleiadians know that a solid foundational understanding of universal concepts is first required to achieve spiritual and scientific mastery. The Pleiadian Master Teachings book describes how the universe works in an easy-to-understand way and is also the perfect operator’s manual for living life to the fullest.
This book contains many profound and eye-opening insights that serve as practical guidance for ultimate self-realization.


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