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The Grand Solar Flash – The Event of a Lifetime

It is truly the most exciting time to live on planet Earth as the most amazing event in human history is about to take place.

A major solar event occurs every 13,000 years on Earth, and the planet is now eleven years into the latest cycle, which began in 2012.

In this book, you will uncover the scientific cause behind this cyclic solar event and acquire a clear picture of what transpired five times in Earth’s prehistory during the occurrence of The Grand Solar Flash. Moreover, you will discover astounding insights into its implications for the future.

Earth’s ancient cultures placed a high priority on observing and tracking this celestial event. As a result, they left behind historical records about The Grand Solar Flash and made precise predictions of its return in humanity’s future.

This magnificent event could occur at any moment. When it does, the flash of exotic gamma light released has the ability to activate the fifth primary strand of human DNA, triggering a major evolution of consciousness, complete planetary liberation, and the ascension to the fifth-dimensional new Earth.


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